"The Best Pork I have ever tasted"
Mrs. Hogg


We can feed from 100 to 500 or more, the more people you have the cheaper it is.

Our pigs are 55kg approx. weight, this is most important question to ask other pig roasters if ringing around , most are only 35kg.

We charge £550 this will feed 100 to 250 people baps included or if you are not sure of amounts of people you are entertaining we can charge £3 per bap.

The Pig is baked for 6 hours in our Bakery oven and we serve it with applesauce, our very special sauce and a BIG fire.

We leave you wood so that you can sit around the fire until the early hours, find a friend with a gaiter andyou can sit and sing under the stars.


The next day we come back and clear away all signs of the great feast.


Do not do salads and puddings this is all you need to give your friend a good time.


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This Summers roasts included:

The Red Devils Parachute team (our best customer)
Royal Fusiliers Tidworth
Andover Rugby Club.
Berkshire Discovery Centre.
Fjord SmokeHouse Blues band Party
Hampshire Wildlife Trust.
Scouts fetes
Village fetes
Many Birthday parties.


So give us a call and discuss your needs!

Ask for Steve Burbidge.

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